Couple’s first kiss turns bloody

A 50-year-old farmer, Emmanuel Akli’s first attempt to kiss his wife ended with him biting her lips, wounding her severely.

Akli who had watched a woman being kissed on the television at Nsawam a few weeks ago, decided to practice it on his wife.

Akli and his wife, Grace Asigbey, 43, live at Gadzikorpe, a hamlet near Manchi village in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

Narrating her ordeal to The Spectator on Monday, Madam Asigbey, said she had been married to Akli for 12 years. According to her, they had never kissed.

Madam Asigbey said about two weeks ago, her husband after returning from Nsawam, came with tales of kissing he saw on television and insisted on practicing it on her.

She said last Thursday, May 8, when they went to bed, Akli decided to kiss her, but she objected to it because he was smelling of alcohol.

Akli, she said, forcibly held her and attempted to kiss her but ended up biting her lips.

When blood started oozing from her lips, she shouted for help and neighbours came to her aid to treat the wounds.

Asked whether she had lodged a formal complaint with the police, Madam Asigbey replied in the negative.

She said the incident was a “small problem” which was resolved amicably by the village elders, who fined her husband two bottles of “Akpeteshie,” a local gin.

Akli declined to make any comments when this reporter contacted him for his side of the story.

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