Minerals Commission Calls On Law Enforcement Agencies To Support Taskforce Work Better

Chief Inspector of the Minerals Commission- mines, Mr. Oberi-Yeboah Twumasi is calling on all security and law enforcement agencies to show more enthusiasm in fighting unlawful mining operations by collaborating closely with their taskforce members.
He said this when he led the inauguration of a newly reconstituted industrial minerals taskforce for the minerals commission in Accra. In outdooring the new taskforce members the minerals commission aims at rejuvenating the taskforce operation in order to bring sanity in mining and winning industrial minerals in the country.
According to Mr. Twumasi, the reconstitution has been necessitated due to ineffectiveness of the former taskforce. He, believes however, the new taskforce can achieve success if they get the needed support from partners from the law enforcement agencies from both the Police and the Military as offenders of the law gets more sophisticated by the day. He said this while lamenting at the gross neglect of the minerals and mining laws by some operators in the industrial mining industry.
Senior mines Inspector at the Minerals Commission, Joseph Frimpong indicated that the taskforce was made up of members from the sand winners, quarry and the tipper truck associations. He adds that members of the taskforce were appointed from across the country being Greater Accra, Eastern, Ashanti and the Central regions respectively.
Mr. Frimpong advised the members of the new taskforce to expedite their duties with diligence bearing in mind their specific mandates to ensure that all operators within the industrial mining industry adhere to rules governing their operations. Aside applauding the new taskforce members for taking up their new appointments he also drew their attention to note some relative challenges also facing the commission in order to recognize and bring them under control.
Mr. Frimpong mentioned the problem of general unlicensed winning, illegal allotment of lands, winning outside concessionary boundary and compensation related cases. He was also worried about illegal works at night and attacks by communities on taskforce members and hoped taskforce members will handle such issues with tact and strong sense of professionalism.
Mr. Frimpong however used the occasion to caution members of the newly reconstituted taskforce members to desist from going on site operations with rented taxis as it contradicts the specifications of their duties. More so, he urged them to be firm but fair in their operations and deal with all manner of persons equally without reserving any measure of reverence towards some separate individuals.

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