Study Reveals The Sensitive Female Body Parts (18+)

Men, rejoice! Canadian researchers have finally answered the question of what really turns a woman on.


Thirty healthy women aged between 18 and 35 years old were analyzed and their reactions to the various forms of touch were recorded. The participants of the experiment were asked to get undressed and lie on a table whereupon with their eyes blindfolded.

Then different parts of the participants’ bodies were stimulated for 1.5 seconds with scientific instruments before asking the women about their feelings. They were assessed on the perineum (cli**ris, labia minora, vaginal, and an*l margin), chest (lateral, areola, bosom), and control body locations (neck, forearm, abdomen).

The researchers say the study is the first of its kind. It focused particularly on younger women to establish a first series of normative data for light touch, pressure, and vibration sensitivity on the perineum and chest area.

The results found that sensitivity levels varied hugely depending on the pressure being used. For light touch, the neck was most sensitive, for pressure and vibarton the cli**ris and bosom were most sensitive, and for vibration the cli**ris was the most sensitive part of the body.

Researchers also analysed chest volume, body mass index, hormonal contraception, menstrual cycle, and s*xual orientation – and said they do not seem to influence the results. While s*xual abstinence and body piercing may have some impact.

The team concluded that the area needs more research to help women with s*xual problems, even though they admit the study had flaws, saying even the sound of a vibrator caused problems.