We’ve Done No Wrong—Miura Petroleum Sets Records Right

Miura Petroleum has recently been associated in some parts of the press with supposed acts of malfeasance, in relation to the negotiation process for the acquisition of an offshore oil block.

As a result, the company feels it necessary to place some facts on the

1. No director of Miura Petroleum has been arrested or accused of any wrongdoing.

2. Miura Petroleum did not, as has been suggested, gain $1.5million from using a “forged letter as a basis to sell off majority stake in the oil rich area to its parent company Gondwana Oil Corporation”. Anyone conversant with the oil market would know that $1.5 million dollars would be an absurdly small sum to pay for an oil block.

3. The article also referred to a publication written by the Canadian firm to its shareholders announcing that “Ghana’s energy ministry had agreed a deal that will allow its subsidiary to negotiate exclusively over the oil rich block”. Agreeing a deal to negotiate exclusively in no way suggests ownership of the block, so clearly Miura could never use this as a basis to sell off 70% stake in the block, an asset the company doesn’t own. As the initial article that reported this story made mention, “the parent company (Gondwana) has expressed surprise at the allegations”. The company regards any suggestion of wrongdoing as defamatory and will not hesitate to invoke legal sanctions henceforth, if these suggestions are repeated. There has been no wrongdoing by Miura or its Directors ¬ and the company has not indulged in any out of the norm business practice.



David Brown,

Head of legal team

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