Provoke your promotion; says Websoft CEO,Godwin Martey

A once-penniless young man has fired up Ghanaians to provoke their promotion after he shared his story about how he became the founder and CEO of WebSoft company.

Godwin Kwesi Martey has asked young people to cultivate “the passion to work … more than the passion to make money” because, the universe has its own way of rewarding people who look out for opportunities to make a difference.

Young Gideon Martey stated on the Joy FM Super Morning Show, Friday, despite coming from a poor home, he had a Dad rich in his ability to mentor and inspire him until nobody could convince him – he would be a failure in life.

Armed with his conviction, he set out to carve out a life for himself focusing on providing solutions and servic,e even for pittance and for free.

Gideon walked into the offices of Takoradi Polythenic looking for a job. He cut through the arduous bureaucracy by simply volunteering his services for free after he identified, the polytechnic did not have enough hands to work with.

From teaching the students, and even teaching some lecturers, he moved on to develop a website for the tertiary institution – and got a $1,000 honorarium.

His passion for service meant he became a known problem-solver – something which provoked his superiors to promote him.

Today, he has moved on to establish Websoft Solutions, providing customised software applications to solve problems for companies.

He has 65 active clients.
Gideon is encouraging Ghanaians to be passionate about solving problems and wondered why some people should feel too big to get down from their car and direct traffic when there is a traffic jam or pick up a litter.

People instead, like to be “problem-announcers”, he observed.

Gideon wants graduates not to be in a rush to make it but exercise patience and look out for mentors.

“School doesn’t make you the best. you have to sit down after school and learn”, he counseled. Story by Ghana||Edwin Appiah|[email protected]

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