Liverpool floor Man City

Liverpool may have lost the title race to Manchester City but the Reds are top of the table when it comes to earnings over the 2013-14 season.

 Brendan Rodgers’ side finished two points behind Manchester City, who lifted the Premier League trophy, but their projected earnings are £1m more.

Liverpool had the most games on television in the season with 28, while City had 25, the same as Manchester United (who finished seventh in the league), Chelsea (third in the league) and Arsenal (fourth in the league).

The TV earnings are proportional to the number of matches each team had televised during the season.

 And the value of TV revenue and being in the top flight can be seen by bottom club Cardiff, who received just £1.2m as a merit payment, picking up £64m when television and Premier League share is factored in.

 Manchester United have had a hugely disappointing campaign on the pitch but their appeal to broadcasters is clear, as only the top four earned more over the season.

 Each side received £54m for just being in the Premier League, then their performances and TV lure is factored in.

 There was potential for teams such as Hull to earn up to £4m from the last round of matches but the positions stayed largely the same.

 Alan Pardew might not be popular with Newcastle fans but Mike Ashley will be pleased that his manager has brought in nearly £79m.

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