Don’t Wait For Miracles – Otumfuo

Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei
THE Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II says Ghana’s endowed resources given by the Almighty God do not imply the citizens and those in authority should fold their hands and wait for miracles to happen.

‘Yes indeed, believers will point out moments of spiritual experience that can only be described as miraculous. But I suggest to you that God did not create man to wait on Him to continue to perform miracles,’ he noted.

Speaking at the occasion of conferment of an honorary doctorate degree on him by the Oral Roberts Ministries of Tulsa, Oklahoma in USA, the Asantehene admonished Ghanaians not to allow their brains to go waste.

‘The brains He [God] gave man to distinguish us from the animal kingdom were for a purpose – to enable us to use them to add to His gifts, improve the environment around us, to search and to explore for ways of continually improving the quality of our living,’ Otumfuo disclosed.

For the Asantehene, a waste of the brains meant a waste of God’s most precious gift – the gold, virgin forests and rivers.

According to him, even though God required Ghanaians not to cease praying, that did not mean a substitute for hard work, charging the citizens to work with integrity and commitment.

‘He [God] rewards effort and decries slothfulness,’ Otumfuo Osei Tutu II stressed and urged Christians to be clear about the message that prayer only reinforces and rewards hard work and ‘does not compensate for laziness.’

‘While we applaud the growth of the Church of Christ, we cannot but be watchful and mindful of infiltration by forces who seek to pervert the message for purposes at variance with the true teachings of the Bible,’ he pointed out.

He acknowledged the difficulties the world was going through and stated that only a few decades ago, people were hailing the opportunities opened up by the global economy.

‘Today, our economies are faltering around us. When the Berlin wall finally came down, breaking what was once the iron curtain and ending the cold war, we thought we had peace in our lifetime and we eagerly clamoured for the peace dividends to aid the development of nations.’

According to Otumfuo, those hopes had evaporated, and today all around us, multitudes are perishing from conflicts that are defying solutions.

Sadly, he noted that the conflicts were being waged in the name of religion, and urged combatants to renounce the notion that they serve the purpose of God by killing each other, passionately pleading for an end to wars and civil strife in religion and ethnicity.

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From Ernest Kofi Adu, Kumasi

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