Women join campaign for release of abducted girls

Hundreds of concerned women in Accra on Sunday used the celebration of  Mothers Day to send a petition to the Nigerian High Commission in Accra to urge the government of that country to fast-track efforts towards the release of more than 200 girls abducted by unknown gunmen from Chibok, Borno State.

March through principal streets 
The presentation was made after the mothers had marched through some principal streets of Accra. They carried placards, some of which read “Bring our girls now” “Enough is enough”, “Where are our sisters? bring them now”and “Our future leaders are missing, bring them back”.  

The women were clad in black and red, a sign of mourning. They sang songs calling on the name of the various stakeholders to join hands to search for the girls.  Other Request 

Led by the winner of the Vlisco Women Month Award, Mrs Eugenia Mawuena Adjoa Tachie-Menson, the mothers called for maximum efforts from the Nigerian government to track down the criminals behind the incident and bring them to justice and return the girls to their families alive. Background 

More than 200 girls from the Government Girls Secondary School at Chibok, Borno State, Nigeria, were abducted by unknown gunmen on Monday, April 14, this year and have since not been found, despite efforts by the Nigerian government and the international community to trace their whereabouts. Presentation 

Presenting the petition signed by over 300 people the world over, Mrs Tachie-Menson said although the Nigerian Government had suggested that it was working to ensure their release, they were deeply troubled that the safety of the girls could not been guaranteed 

“Our fears are reinforced by the recent video released by the leader of an Islamic group, Boko Haram, on April 14, threatening to sell the girls who were captured from their school,” she said.  Pray for girls 

Mrs Tachie-Menson called on Christians and others to pray for the safety of the girls. Nigerian High Commissioner

Receiving the petition, the Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana, Mr Abraham T. Poko, gave an assurance that the concerns of the women would be addressed. 

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