Republic Bank Remains Committed To Working With All Stakeholders And Ghanaian Authorities

Port of Spain, Trinidad, Thursday May 15, 2014: Republic Bank has become aware of a release issued by the Board of HFC Bank in connection with Republic’s announcement of 16 April 2014 of its mandatory offer to shareholders. Republic Bank wishes to express its concern about allegations contained in the HFC Board release.

From Republic Bank’s initial entry into Ghana in November 2012, it has consistently attempted to adhere to the rules and regulations laid down by the Bank of Ghana and the Ghana Securities and Exchange Commission and where there has been ambiguity, Republic Bank has sought clarification and guidance from its Ghana advisors and the regulatory authorities.

In November of 2012, Republic Bank Limited and HFC Bank (Ghana) agreed to the framework for the investment by Republic Bank in HFC Bank. The agreement, signed on 6th November, 2012, provided that RBL would not increase its shareholding in HFC Bank beyond 40% for a period of one year without the prior approval of the Board of Directors.

Both parties recognized that the mandatory takeover code would be triggered if Republic acquired over 30% during the one year period and that the process would have to be followed if the SEC’s approval was not obtained for a waiver.

Republic has always maintained the position that the mandatory offer requirement is a legal one which cannot be set aside simply by an agreement between the relevant company and a shareholder.

Republic Bank values all relationships and strategic partnerships that they enter into, however, at no time will the value of those relationships supersede the laws in the countries in which they are operating.

Republic Bank seeks at all times to work with regulatory authorities and act in compliance with the laws of the land and agrees that the final decision on this matter will be made by the shareholders.

Republic Bank assures all HFC Bank stakeholders and the public of its long term commitment to HFC Bank and to contributing to economic growth and development in Ghana through its investment in HFC Bank.

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Republic Bank
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Republic Bank brings with it, 176 years of retail and commercial banking activity; more than 30 years of merchant banking experience; almost 20 years in special project funding; 150 years in corporate banking and approximately eight years providing investment and brokerage services. Republic Bank adds value to the markets it enters, through a developmental approach that ensures strong local input, strong local knowledge and strong local influence in decision making.

Today, the Republic Bank Group has a staff complement across the Caribbean region of 4,098 people.

Republic Bank Limited has considerable experience in the area of mortgages and credit cards. It also has extensive knowledge of financing of the oil and gas sectors in Trinidad and Tobago

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Republic Bank’s support of its Caribbean subsidiaries has resulted in all cases in market share growth and increased profitability.

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