Damaged metal barriers are left unrepaired on major Highways

It’s been barely three years since the George Walker Bush Highway was opened to traffic, and about the same for the achimota Highway. However not much has been done to ensure maintenance on the two major Highways

The activities of careless drivers have rendered the crash metal barriers on some sections of the Highway useless as they lie on the ground.

Driving along the Highway from the Tetteh Quarshie interchange through the achimota overhead to Ofankor, Joy News’ Paa Kwesi Asare reports that you can see damaged crash barriers at some portions of the road, while others have been completely removed.

Even worse is the fact that not all the critical areas along the stretch have been provided with the safety barriers, exposing motorists and other road users to danger.

On the George Walker Bush Highway, the activities of scrap dealers and reckless drivers, have led to the destruction of the crash barriers on the Highway.

It is infact worrying that millions of dollars will spent on such a wonderful facility, with no provisions for maintanence,as if to say that nobody really cares.

A few questions come to mind, first of all, who is responsible for maintaining this new roads,which includes,replacing crush barriers and fixing other defects that may occur on the road. Is the Ghana Highway authority aware of these imminent dangers?

How many more deaths are we waiting to see? Are we waiting for the facility to be completely damaged before we appeal for donor support?

A stitch in time,they say,saves nine 

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