I Have No Interest In Veep Slot—Hannah Tetteh

Foreign Minister, Madam Hannah Tetteh, has moved to quell NPP propaganda against her which has been swallowed hook, line and sinker by some neophytes in the NDC.

The past few weeks has seen the rumour mill spreading that the Foreign Minister has Vice-Presidential ambitions and has been told by President Mahama that she will be his Running Mate in the 2016 elections.

This obvious NPP propaganda saw some NDC activists falling victim to it, leading to their posting articles on some website taking the Foreign Minister to the cleaners.

To set the records straight, Madam Hannah Tetteh, yesterday posted on social media her reaction to the vicious rumour and made it clear that she has no intention of becoming Vice-President nor has she campaigned for the position. She also made it clear that President Mahama has not confided in her that she will be his Running Mate in the 2016 elections.

Below is her statement in full. It is published unedited.

From hon. Hannah Tetteh
While we are having a conversation I think this business of talking up a change of VP for 2016 is propaganda being fed into the public domain and unfortunately some of our people are buying it. For the record, I think we have an experienced person in His Excellency the VP who is a good support to His Excellency the President. To the best of my knowledge all members of the Executive – VP, Ministers, Chief Executives, MMDCE’s etc. work to support the President because he is the main leader the public votes for, and the rest of us are the supporting cast.

The President’s success is our success. We are yet to conduct our Constituency, Regional & National Congresses/Party elections. That must happen before we confirm our President as our Candidate for 2016. With all of these important Party events yet to take place, how can the issue of selection of a VP be a serious issue for discussion & the posting of statements on Ghanaweb? His Excellency the President has had no discussion with me on this matter.

I have no interest & have not on any platform campaigned to be VP, neither have I tasked any surrogates to campaign on my behalf, so please the next time the issue comes up on any media platform kindly dismiss it as the kind of divisive propaganda the NPP is encouraging to cause division amongst our ranks. I hope I can count on you to dismiss these unfounded rumors & have the matter put to rest.

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