Arthur Kennedy: NEF Is An Exercise In Futility Due To What Finance Minister Has Said

A leading Member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Kobina Arthur Kennedy believes that “in theory, the National Economic Forum is a good idea but giving what the Finance Minister has said, it is an exercise in futility”.

Speaking to NEAT FM on the decision to boycott the forum, he said though the NPP has been the loudest in calling for a national dialogue to deliberate on the problems and possible remedies to Ghana’s economic problems, the 2008 NPP Campaign Director stated that the posture of the Mahama Administration on this issue makes it impossible to think it is going about matters regarding the economic forum in good faith.

“…the government has poisoned the environment so it is difficult for anyone to think it is acting in good faith….I was preparing to disagree with my party for boycotting the NEF but for the Finance Minister’s statement” Dr. Arthur Kennedy said.

It has been widely reported that the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Seth Terkper stated in an interview that the National Economic Forum which commenced on Tuesday, May 13 was not being held to receive new ideas on the management of the economy but only as a forum meant to seek an endorsement for policies the government had already adopted and presented to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The latest revelation, however, seems to have confirmed the New Patriotic Party’s position that the Economic Forum could not be a forum for open deliberations and a presentation of alternative views on the management of the economy since the government has already adopted policies it would roll out between this year and 2017.

According to Dr. Arthur Kennedy, that publication he read on the internet changed his mind about criticizing his party’s decision to stay away from the forum.