Eastern regional executives of the New patriotic party has commended the National executives for boycotting tomorrow’s National economic forum to be held in Akosombo.The regional executives during the weekend issued a press release appealling to the national executives to boycott the forum since the government itself is not prepared to listen to any suggestions.

The regional communications director,David prah has however commended executives for their stand not to attend the forum.According to him,the government should be blamed for the economic hardships in the country.He cited corruption at agencies like GYEEDA,SADA,RLG and others as some of the causes.David prah also accused the government of paying numerous judgement debts of which some have been cited as unlawful.He said all those monies could have been invested into the economy rather than been paid to individuals and organisations for no work done.

‘I think the government itself has contributed to the country’s economic crises through corruption and numerous judgement debts’ Mr prah stated.He expressed worry that the president refused to even adhere to a suggestion by Dr Bawumia to cut down borrowing which shows how selfish the government.He said until the government itself desist from their negative actions he thinks there is no need for the forum since the cost involved can even be use for an important project to benefit the ordinary ghanaian.

Mr David prah therefore appealed to party supporters to respect the decision of the national executives.

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