Public expects economic forum to be beneficial

A number of residents of Accra have called on participants in the National Economic Forum to find solutions to problems such as fuel price increases, high taxes and the importation of food into the country.

Other issues they want addressed are the depreciating value of the cedi, incompetent management of the economy and increasing transport fares.

The suggestions were made in separate interviews in Accra yesterday. Overspending

A teacher, Mr David Ofoe Amedejro, attributed the challenges facing the economy to the depreciation of the cedi and high inflation.

“I don’t care what the government does with the money; all I want is for the cedi to be stable for the poor Ghanaian to benefit,” he said.

He, therefore, suggested that the government cut down spending and invest in the educational and health sectors to improve the living standards of the people. 

Mr James Kabir, a transport officer, attributed the challenges facing the economy to incompetent management. 

He stressed the need for the government to emulate the policies introduced by former leaders to strengthen the economy, Forum relevant

The Strategy Manager of the Graphic Communications Group, Mr John Tagoe, said the forum was very relevant, since the country had not had any proper grip on its economic issues for the past 30 years as a result of the lack of good policies to monitor the progress of development issues.  

He indicated that major infrastructure, human resource and economic challenges confronting the country were the result of the over-politicisation of development issues, stressing, “The politicisation has not put food on our tables.

 “I believe this is the time for all of us to bury our political differences and embrace this forum, so that it will come up with a strategic plan for this country for us to monitor our development progress.”

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