Mother’s Day Special: Your Favourite Ghanaian Celebrities Share Photos Of Their Mothers

Last year, several of our Ghanaian celebrities took to social media to send out kind and appreciative messages to their mothers, in celebration of mother’s day in Ghana…

Today being mother’s day, some of your favourite celebrities have shared photos of their mothers with touching messages.

We’ve not seen some of these mothers before, so it is great to see the women that gave us these stars.

Please, do not go about talking trash about anybody’s mother (we are celebrating mothers day). Last year, I had to remove several offensive comments. Surely, I do not care if you want to insult the celebrities (I will even help you do that) but their mothers are out of the question. Any wrong choice of words and you are BANNED from commenting for good.

If you’ve nothing to say, just tell us about how great your mother is—and we will love that!

Check out the photos below…