5 Great Advices To Bring The Spark Back To Your Marriage!

article-201451284262215982000If you are experiencing the roommate blues, here are five things you can do to bring passion back into your relationship:

1. Start dating each other again. And I mean truly dating. Plan together, make reservations, pick meaningful, fun and varied activities and begin a flirtation. Pretend that you’re still courting each other, and put that level of attention into your dates.

2. Make out — preferably in both public and private spaces! Kissing creates intimacy. Start off slowly and watch the passion and tension build. Most couples stop kissing passionately on a regular basis after many years of being together. Make it part of your daily routine and see what happens. That quick goodbye peck could turn into something better.

3. Start a new hobby, take a class, or join a cause together. Begin to connect with each other through something that is fun, meaningful and new. Doing something out of your comfort zone together creates collaboration and builds connection that might have gone stale.

4. Get playful. Tickle, tackle, wrestle, joke, do karaoke — whatever suits your fancy. Just remember to do it with vigor. Leave inhibitions behind and be willing to feel silly and foolish for a while. I promise any feelings of self-consciousness will pass and be replaced with feel-good hormones and enjoyment for one another.

5. Redefine your relationship and create a vision together. This process is at the foundation of phase four in “The Pathway to Love,” and is absolutely necessary in order to create a transformational relationship. Take the time and invest in your future..

Turning your roommate back into your lover is possible, but it takes action. Follow these five steps, and I promise you will be well on your way.