Yale Club of Ghana launches Green Ghana Campaign

The Yale club of Ghana made up of alumni from  United States’ Yale University has launched a green Ghana campaign to ensure environmentally friendly practices amongst Ghanaians.

To mark the campaign, the club undertook a clean-up and landscaping exercise at the Tema SOS village in Accra.

The launch of the Yale Green Ghana Campaign is to commemorate the Yale Day of service, where Yale alumni all over the world come together to continue the tradition of service by engaging with and giving back to deprived communities.

This year saw Yale club of Ghana fraternizing with the children of the Tema SOS village in partnership with Play Soccer.

The Yale Green Ghana campaign was launched under the theme, ‘Recycling, a shared responsibility for environmental sustainability’. The group donated recycling bins and undertook a massive cleanup exercise.

Explaining the rationale behind their choice of action, Vice President of the Yale Club of Ghana Ruth Botsio, indicated “there are many issues that different groups engage in Ghana . You take education, you take girl child education, you take women abuse and so on – environmental issues we tend to neglect and it’s almost like you don’t see the effect immediately. You don’t see the effect of global warming immediately, until maybe the rainy season is delayed or it comes several months earlier”.

She added that “we feel that we need to start engaging in issues about the environment with children earlier so that by the time these children reach their teenage and young adulthood years, they know that what I do to the environment, how I interact with the environment, is going to affect my future …”

Children were taught how to make soccer nets by an NGO, Play Soccer, through the use water sachets as well as other and other fun games. For the group, the move is worth emulating.

According to Ruth Botsio, “the main lesson that each of the Yale alumni took from Yale is that everyone can make a difference and that ethics behind the day of service – that were ever you are there is something that you can do that will be significant”

Officials of the Tema SOS village which houses about 200 underprivileged children expressed appreciation for the gesture.

In an interview with JoyNews, Isaac Kojo Ackon, Director, Tema Sos Village said, “we are not that rich but we are trying to make the best out of the little that we get and looking at the program, they gave us some bins that will always help us to separate the food waste from the polythene bags and we will use it, we will recycle it… the environment is cleaner than before.”

The Yale University is meanwhile offering 2015/2016 SHS graduate a study opportunity as part of their Yale Young African Scholars program.

Students are to apply online at www.globalscholars.yale.edu/africa by 16th May 2014.

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