Stop The Media Frenzy And Fix The Economy

The President has failed to help himself; he cannot continue to have the same quirky appointees and expect something different from them. What is happening under Mahama administration is deliberate effort to fail.

The economic disparities have had a toll on the populace due to the lack of co-operation from the current crop of government officials and their profit motive attitude.

The range of possible policies and initiatives outlined by Mahama-Amissah administration has all failed, and the ones left by the predecessors have collapsed under their watch.

Failure to carry out necessary, basic checks, investigations and research has lead to financial ruin or worse. The 2013/2014 budget allocations alone amount to consumption spending, and the president needs to refocus towards prioritising expenditure.

The state appointees are content to posses’ information, but they do not seek knowledge. They need the deeper understanding of how things work.

The financial and economic system is not a rocket science, and you need people of practical experiences and in depth intrinsic desire to improve and bring change.

The government allocated over 100million GHS to capacity building in his 2014 budget, and these consultations have not yielded anything positive for Ghanaians. We believe sharing ideas was not a crime, but the much talked National Economic Forum was a misplaced priority.

Ghanaians have lost faith in their leaders and the economic system because few enjoy the benefits.The current economic and financial system has impoverished thousands and continues to grow every day.

COALITION OF YOUNG LIBERALS (COYLIB) will urge the President to be proactive if he so wishes to succeed and use the available financial information at his disposal beyond borders to solve the bad economic and financial situation before everything gets out of control.

God blesses Ghana