Market women decry dilapidating structure of Tema Community Two market

Traders and visitors to the Tema Community Two Market are raising fears their lives are under threat from the dilapidating structures in which trading activities take place.

Built 50 years ago by the then government of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), the market is yet to see any renovation.

The structure is now in a weak state, with concretes columns supporting the roof cracking and falling off occasionally and injuring the traders.

Now the market women fear if nothing is done soon, the whole structure can collapse and kill them.

Joy News’ Joseph Opoku Gakpo visited the market and reports that the market built of cement brick and roofed with aluminum zinc, has its pillars suspending in the air.

The old market structure looks weak, making portions of the cement application peel off and exposing the iron rods.

There are visible cracks in the pillars and the roof, portions of which have gaping holes.

When any little pressure is exerted on the brick, it breaks off.

Traders and customers at the market fear if the market is not renovated soon, a major disaster looms.

Over the last two years, six market women had been injured by fallen weak bricks. 

In one of the cases, Queenmother of the market, Rhoda Mercy Opoku recounts to Joy News: “The woman was selling, all of a sudden, some of the blocks came from the top and hit the head, and she statred bleeding, and we sent here to the hospital.”

Another trader, Vida Sakyi said: “As it has started raining, maybe it will crack on somebody here. It’s very dangerous. We need help.”

The traders lament they are being charged tolls daily for using the market by the Tema Metropolitan Assembly, but the money is not being used to fix the problems at the market. Rhoda says several petitions to the TMA over the issue has not yielded any response.

Meanwhile, the Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) says it has begun a project to renovate markets in the area, and would therefore get to the turn of the community two market soon. 

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