Lordina Mahama’s Trail Of Love, Makes Her A True Mother For Ghanaians

Inevitably, to become a First Lady of a country is to step into a role that is subject to public scrutiny whether that role is formal or informal.

On this Mothers’ Thanksgiving Day, I commend Ghana’s current First Lady Lordina Mahama for being a complete embodiment of the 21st century woman. She is articulate, well-composed and focused with her major initiatives of positioning herself as the guardian of the Ghanaian family values and also a moral leader for the country’s youth. Leading a campaign to help combat the HIV/AIDS menace in the country and the continent.

I commend Ghana’s First lady, Lordina Mahama for having received recognition from development partners and organizations in the US for her philanthropic work through the Lordina Foundation in Ghana and being active in helping in his husband’s social policy interventions such as the development of deprived children and women in both rural and urban areas of Ghana.

The First Lady has embarked on several philanthropic ventures in an effort to improve the welfare of the citizenry of Ghana with an emphasis on women and children.

She has done extensive work in the areas of health, education, women’s empowerment, child protection for social change. She is currently the First Vice President of the Organisation of African First Ladies Against AIDS (OAFLA) for West Africa.

The Office of the First Lady as usual is a beehive of activities has done everything possible to redefine the office by adding value to humanity. Ghana’s First Lady has remained a stabilizing factor and rallying point for both the needy and defenseless by sacrificing for the common good of Ghanaians.

Mrs Lordina Mahama has been a very generous person who believes in the bond of a social contract with the citizenry. By extension, she has helped her husband, President John Dramani Mahama to continue to deliver the social contract that he has with Ghanaians from his days as an MP for Bole Bamboi, Deputy Minster of Communication, Minister of Communication,Vice President of Ecowas Parliament, Vice President of the Republic of Ghana and currently the President of Ghana.

A look at her work through the Lordina Foundation shows that the foundation has helped in areas such as orphanage support, support for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS, Scholarships for brilliant but needy students, promoting women’s empowerment through entrepreneurship, raising awareness and advocating for cervical and breast cancer prevention and treatment.

The foundation is also providing suitable accommodation for ostracized women in “Witch Camps.

I must frankly say that as we celebrate Mothers day Worldwide Mrs. Lordina Mahama is one of the finest First Ladies of our time. She is articulate, well informed and an activist per excellence.

I must say that as Mother for Ghanaians, she has done every thing possible to raise the bar for humanity which is remarkable.
I say Ayekoo- Continue with your good works.