Kofi Wayo: Blame Boko Haram’s Abduction Of Over 200 Girls On Goodluck Jonathan’s Ineptness

Leader and founder of the United Renaissance Party (URP), Charles Kofi Wayo has blamed the Nigerian government for the woes visited upon the country by the Islamic extremist group, Boko Haram.

Charles Kofi Wayo, in an interview with Peacefmonline.com, slammed President Goodluck Jonathan, his government officials and the military forces in Nigeria for their failure to identify the whereabouts of the over 200 abducted girls by Boko Haram.

According to him, while Boko Haram was carrying out their “diabolic” operation, the Nigerian President was busily distributing mobile phones to dignitaries at his daughter’s wedding at the expense of taxpayers.

He described President Jonathan’s regime as “wretched” and further wondered how the government could act aloof in the face of daily threats from the Islamic extremists.

Mr. Kofi Wayo also believed the abduction of the girls could be a conspiracy between some section of the Nigerian government and Boko Haram because, to him, the transportation of the girls could not have been as easy as reported.

“Do you know how difficult it is to transport 200 people and they (Boko Haram) were able to do it?”

“It is a very sad story but the Nigerian government is incompetent. What it shows is that in African, something is wrong. How do people capture over 200 people, take them out of the country…?

“The leadership is not there. So, somebody has to be the leader in order to take action…They said they offer $ 300000, meanwhile when this was on-going; the President Jonathan allegedly shared 80 cars and gave 1000 Iphones to those present while the citizen who pay the tax; their children are missing…Who else do you blame? Or I should blame Jesus Christ or God or the Prophet Mohammed?” Kofi Wayo sardonically queried.