National Economic Forum Is A Facade – PPP

General Secretary of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Kofi Asamoah-Siaw, has described government’s intentions to hold a National Economic Forum as a facade.

Speaking on Eyewitness News, Mr Asamoah-Siaw intimated that the forum was geared towards promoting governmental policies to its own advantage.

“This is an attempt by government to manage a certain process for some kind of endorsement of a government policy that it has planned,” he said. Government is making preparations towards the scheduled four-day National Economic forum on May 13.

The forum is expected to initiate an economic dialogue between government and other relevant stakeholders on how to strengthen Ghana’s economy.

The Presidential Spokesperson, Ben Doste Malor, on Friday urged Ghanaians not to politicize the intentions of government to organize the forum.

But Mr Asamoah-Siaw asserted that money will be wasted adding that, the timing for the forum is wrong.

He said the forum was needless, considering the current economic challenges the country is experiencing.

“All the difficulties that we are experiencing, all the challenges that we are going through, we still have the Presidency or government at the highest level, denying the crises that we are facing. So if there are no crises, why the need for a national dialogue as far the economic management is concerned?” he asked.

In that regard, he emphasized the need for government to rather concentrate on embarking on practical projects and consider all the ideas in the past in order to yield efficient results.