Mahama has ‘stained himself with blood’ – Lloyd Amoah

A Lecturer at Ashesi University, Professor Lloyd Amoah says President John Mahama’s has ‘stained himself with blood’ in relation to comments he purportedly made in Kumasi last weekend.

He further mentioned that the President Mahama’s comment is a clear indication of his lack of temperance.

“There’s this mockery, there’s this insulting posture, there’s this sense of talking down to us, there’s this almost teasing attitude that for me is completely unpresidential and I think that Mr. Mahama has unwittingly put a blood stain on himself with this Kumasi thing,” he said.

President Mahama in an address to supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) last weekend in Kumasi is quoted as saying; the residents in the Ashanti Region are unappreciative of efforts being made by the governing NDC to develop the region.

His comments generated criticisms from the public who described his statement as inappropriate.

Government is however insisting the tape recording of the President was doctored and the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has announced it has began investigations into the matter.

Speaking on Citi FM’s News Analysis Programme, The Big Issue, Dr. Amoah opined that the President Mahama could have projected “an image of a statesman who is intent on leading the country and providing leadership regardless of whether people support the party or not.”

“When you are voted into power, you become a President of all of us, you don’t become the arrowhead or the leader of the host of your political party,” Dr. Amoah added.

According to him, since the Ashanti region represents an important part of the country, the President and Ghanaians as a whole should be circumspect in their dealings with the region.

“We should not forget that in many ways, the Ashanti region also represents a very useful place in this country so in engaging in that political, historical space one would expect that you do that without drawing that unnecessary flag and creating room for misinterpretations and innuendos,” Dr. Amoah said.

Meanwhile, a Financial Analyst, Sydney Casely-Hayford has indicated, the President is not in the position to make statements about the ungrateful nature of the people of the Ashanti region due to his failure to produce evidence on developmental projects in the region.

He therefore counseled the President to channel his energy into rendering account to the people of Ghana on how their monies are being spent on the developmental projects his administration has undertaken.