Has Mahama’s Admin Clearly Sidelined NDC Party?

A Failed First Vice Chairman Aspirant of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Michael Omari Wadie believes the ruling party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has lost all confidence it reposed in the administration of President John Dramani Mahama.

Omari Wadie’s remarks were borne out of the contents of Wednesday May 7, 2014, Editorial of the ‘The Informer’ newspaper, a tabloid believed to be sympathetic to the cause of the NDC.

The Informer’ editorial headlined; “Gov’t Stop Tickling Yourself”, wondered whether government “is really serious” about providing free shoes to school kids.

So; government is now going to provide free shoes to school kids? Is the government really serious? School Feeding is in arrears: GETFUND is in arrears; DACF is in arrears: the dollar and the other foreign currencies are running away leaving the cedi behind: there are challenges confronting the economy (apology, President Mahama), and we are now promising free shoes for school kids? Have we finished providing the free school uniforms and the text books? Have we finished paying the people who are supposed to be feeding our school kids?” he quizzed.

In another commentary next to the newspaper’s editorial, the Informer quizzed; “Will NDC Win If Ghana Votes Today? Okyeame Asks”, the “answer is a BIG FAT NO” since “things are not working well and we must call a spade a spade”.

Commenting on the issue, Michael Omari Wadie posited on Okay Fm’s Ghana Decides program that the contents of the editorial from a newspaper aligned to the NDC clearly indicates the ruling party has lost touch with the Presidency of Mr. John Mahama since there appears to be a strong wall separating the NDC from Mahama’s Presidency.

“Mahama Empire is now running the country and now it is clear that the NDC has been sidelined….Mahama Empire is collapsing NDC government and Ghana because the corruption and the wealth-grabbing going on in the country is too much. Andy Kankam (Editor of the Informer) has made a good observation and must be commended…..what is going on under President Mahama must stop because it is not helping the country. Truly, I know the crusade Andy Kankam has started is good and I know he loves NDC that is why he is doing this but the Mahama Empire must be kicked out of office before this country can progress,” he pontificated.