Happy Mother’s Day to our noble mothers

They show special love, strength, patience, care and tenderness as mothers, sisters, aunties, guardians and friends and also make bold sacrifices for their children and other relatives.

Their unique strength enables them to carry children in their womb for nine months, while the patience, special heart and tenderness enable them to be pooed on, spat on, peeped on. They even sometimes cry when their children are crying.

Gallant mothers are, indeed, gifts which are not replaceable, as they play the role of teachers, psychologists, servants and go every length to solve the problems of their children. 

  Unconditional love
Their unconditional love and special hearts lead to inspire, encourage and give confidence to their children when all seem to have ended.

As the world celebrates Mothers Day tomorrow, heroic and courageous mothers around the world have every reason to be excited while they watch their day-old babies grow into boys, girls, men and women.

 Some of these mothers sacrifice their happiness, pleasure, good living for these children so that they can be better people in future.

Others have toiled and struggled day and night to make sure their children do not go to bed without food or water, with or without the support of their partners or husbands.

In a statement, the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Nana Oye Lithur, said mothers were the foundation of the family and, by extension, the society. 

She said lives were nurtured and developed by their efforts, determination, foresight and resilience, adding that “in the face of life’s daunting challenges, their faith and courage inspire hope, resulting in many changed lives that have grown to be heroes, heroines and icons serving as role models and inspiration for many.

I, particularly, salute single mothers and career mothers who have to sacrificially juggle many things to put a smile on the faces of their dependants.” 

She said “to mothers facing any challenge as they endeavour to play their motherly roles of caring, nurturing and providing for their families, particularly, mothers with children of special needs, we salute your courage and faith in these special ones. 

Finally, my heart goes out to all mothers of the abducted girls in Nigeria. We share in your pain and trauma of uncertainty but be of good courage and resilient hope as we all hope and pray with you that your daughters reunite with you soon.” 

She expressed the hope that all mothers would be strengthened to stand firm, knowing that their efforts would yield tremendous results, so that they would reap and enjoy the fruits of their efforts as mothers.

In a related development, the Member of Parliament for Tano North, Ms Freda Prempeh, has congratulated all mothers and commended them for their hard work and immense contribution and support to their families and to the society. 

According to her, mothers do not only build their families but also contribute tremendously in all spheres of life to the society, even though they are negatively affected by economic, social and traditional issues.

  Celebrate mothers
 “As we celebrate mothers, I urge you to appreciate not only your biological mother but every woman who has played the role of a mother in your life or in a friend’s life”.

She said, “visit, spend time with them or make a long phone call to that mother, but remember Mom would want some closeness with you too. If you have any issues or problems with your mother, please reflect on the past, find a place in your heart to forgive her, no matter the situation, forgive and reconcile with her”.

“Everybody has a mother and absolutely no one is more special than Mom. She is just the greatest on earth, often taken for granted though. They are our strongest supporter. When you are hurt, stressed up or not feeling well, no matter one’s age or status, you still look up to her and she’s always there for you. Express your appreciation and love to all mothers. Buy a gift for her, take her out and show her your love,” she added. 

 We have to inspire and encourage mothers to understand their role in the task of motherhood and nation building. Mothers, as traditional home builders, are also powerful agents of change and must be acknowledged, the statement said.

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