Mahama Has Decided To Respond To Virtually Every Petty Issue…It Is Sad & Unfortunate – Atik

What have you done for us to show appreciation? As a President your job is more important than engaging in pettiness; you don’t have that luxury; but our President has decided to respond to every issue either in same measure or more,” says Atik Mohammed.

The Policy Analyst of the People’s National Convention (PNC) described as sad and unfortunate comments made by President John Dramani Mahama during his tour of the Ashanti Region.

According to him, the President is not taking matters seriously and appears to be joking with the powers vested in him by the constitution of Ghana.

President Mahama has been criticized for suggesting that the people in Kumasi are ungrateful and unappreciative of government’s efforts to bring development in the region.

During a three day tour of the Ashanti Region, he was alleged to have said that even if his government used gold to construct the roads for the people of Kumasi, they will not be satisfied and will still complain.

Addressing supporters of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Kumasi, President Mahama said in Twi: ‘sɛ Akokɔ sa kyerɛ Akroma a, ennyɛ no fɛ’; to wit, the chick can never impress the hawk with its dancing. All pointing to the fact that Asanteman does not appreciate anything his government does.

The PNC Policy Analyst lashed out at government saying; “It is sad and unfortunate…The business of governing this country is serious and so it does not leave space for pettiness. But in recent times the President has devalued the seriousness associated with government. He responds to every criticism on various platforms.”

Atik told Kwami Sefa-Kayi on Thursday’s edition of Peace FM’s ‘Kokrokoo’ that every word that comes out of the mouth of a President should inspire and encourage, and thus failed to understand why that of President Mahama seems to be the opposite.

“As a president, you must be a good communicator in a way that will inspire your people. But if you say something and at the end of the day it opens the Pandora’s Box, I don’t think it is good,” he added.

After President Mahama’s controversial Kumasi remarks, government came out to say the tape recording making rounds was doctored and subsequently made available copies of the tape of what the president originally said.

However, Atik Mohammed is of the view that the supposed original tape from government is rather doctored.

“The latest tape purported to be the original tape has been tampered with because when the President is speaking it should flow. Who will doctor a tape and take out only one word? An investigation needs to be conducted,” he said.