Mahama Gov’t Not Bereft Of Ideas To Fix Economy – Kwesi Botchwey

A former finance Minister Dr Kwesi Botchwey has rejected claims that the Mahama administration is bereft of ideas to fix the tottering economy.

Dr Botchwey, who was finance Minister for close to 15 years, told Radio XYZ’s Strict Proof on Thursday that the intention by the Government to organise a national economic forum next week has nothing to do with the administration’s incompetence.

Critics of the forum have imputed that the forum is to help President Mahama and his government steal fresh ideas from the opposition.

However, Dr Botchwey says such cynicism lacks basis and justification.

“I don’t think that will be a fair comment,” he told Strict Proof.

He said the government is merely reaching out to “achieve consensus, educate” and also “benefit from fresh ideas” about how to move the economy forward.

“That’s not necessarily an admission that the Government doesn’t know what to do,” he stressed.

He added that: “Nobody knows everything, alright. So even those who know everything have an obligation to ensure that everybody else understands what they known. So no I don’t think it’s an admission that the Government is on its back and doesn’t know what to do at all.”