Survivors, Rescue Workers Recover Over 50 Burnt Bodies In Gamboru Market, Borno

The survivors and rescue workers recounted on May 7, 2014, Wednesday, how they recovered remains of dozens of people burnt beyond recognition in various shops at the main Gamboru market in Borno State.


* Troubled areas in Borno State. Source: BBC

It has been gathered that the deceased sought refuge in small shops during Boko Haram 5-hour-long raid on Gamboru Ngala town on May 5, 2014, Monday.

A local, Abubakar Mustapha, disclosed some horrific details to Premium Times in Maiduguri:

“You know the market was cordoned off by soldiers since the day of the attack, nobody went near the market until today (Wednesday) and unfortunately, we found many dead bodies in destroyed shops. There are some Chadian and Cameroonian traders among them who hid in shops too; many of the people were burnt beyond recognition”.

However, hiding people had no chances to survive after some explosives were thrown into the market.

A security official confirmed that people were burnt en masse, estimating that around 50 of them may have died in fire, while the overall death toll now stands at over a hundred.

It would be added that Senator for Borno Central, Ahmed Zanna feared that over 300 people may have died in the attack.

An unnamed resident of the devastated town told the BBC that a total of 310 people had been buried on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“At the big cemetery of Gamboru Ngala, I recorded 165 buried. At the small graveyard, I recorded 145 graves. But we are still picking corpses from the main market,” he said.

The bloody attack started after Boko Haram has allegedly tricked local security forces. The sect spread rumours that kidnapped Chibok female students have been spotted nearby. Large forces embarked on a search mission, leaving the area completely unprotected.

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