Prez Mahama Simply Goofed…He Should Comport Himself – Kofi Jumah

Maxwell Kofi Jumah, a devout member of the New Patriotic Party, has slammed President John Dramani Mahama for allegedly hurling invectives at indigenes of the Ashanti Region.

President John Dramani is reported to have addressed Ashantis as ingrates despite his numerous frantic efforts made by his government to develop the Region.

According to President Mahama, Ashantis do not appreciate any good project his government does.

“The presidency is working hard so don’t allow anyone to deceive you into thinking that we are retrogressing. As I speak, there are several projects ongoing. We are constructing roads, providing water and electricity. Since I came, we have inspected ongoing renovation works on the runway of the Kumasi Airport. We are fixing instruments at the Airport to allow for both day and night flights. We have also inspected the DIHOC Shoe Factory where there are new machines for producing footwear for the military here in Kumasi.

“However the Akans have a saying that, the hen never pleases the hawk no matter how well she dances. But that shouldn’t discourage us. We have noted the promise we made to Ghanaians for which we were voted into power. As for Kumasi, even if we construct roads tarred with gold, they will tell us that we did nothing,” the President stated.

Following the President’s speech, several political figures and critics have made calls for him to render an apology to the people of Ashanti Region.

Contributing to a panel discussion programme on U TV, Hon. Kofi Jumah called on President Mahama to “comport” himself, particularly when making public speeches. He urged him (President Mahama) to carefully choose his words when addressing Ghanaians.

Kofi Jumah decried the comments by the President, advising him to note that he is “no longer President Mahama the Deputy Minister, President Mahama the Member of Parliament, President Mahama the private person. You’re the first gentleman. So, there are certain things that when you were the MP, you could say, certain things that when you used to be Minister, you could say and certain things that even when you were Vice President, you could say; once you become President, you can no longer say it.”