PPP Youth Challenge Mahama To Deliver On His Promises

The Progressive People’s Party’s PYM wishes to let all Ghanaians know that we are unconvinced about the competence of the John Dramani Mahama led NDC government to be able to fulfill or meet up with their campaign promises and improve the living conditions of the masses.

We challenge the Mahama to deliver what it has promised and essentially make the PPP redundant in 2016. For this to happen, President Mahama must double up his courage and:

1. Ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity, water and fuel,
2. Provide Free, Continuous and Compulsory education policy from kindergarten to Senior High School level,
3. Fight corruption and ensure the passage of the Freedom of Information bill into Law,
4. Decouple the legislature from the executive through a change in the constitution,
5. Use the purchasing power of the state to promote what we produce in Ghana,
6. Ensure we have an independent Attorney General separate from the Minister of Justice,
7. Give Ghanaians the opportunity to elect their own DCE/MCEs without any interference from the Presidency,
8. Improve the health Sector drastically,
9. Provide well-built homes on secure tenancies at reasonable rents to ordinary Ghanaians in excess of 10,000 in every Region,
10. Ameliorate our road network by building inter-regional highways,
11. Improve the living standards of Ghanaians to befit a middle income status.

If all these things we have mentioned above takes place before 2016, then there would be no need for us as a political party to campaign in 2016; that is to say, we may be forced to throw our support behind the NDC. The question is, what need would there be for us to campaign in 2016 if the aforementioned issues are accomplished by President Mahama’s government? It will serve no purpose because the very reason political parties are formed, is to improve the lot of the people.

So if that is what happens before 2016, then the PPP will not have sufficient motivation to participate in the 2016 elections. If the President is unable to accomplish these objectives before 2016, we will have no option than to replace the current administration clothed with mismanagement, incompetence and thievery with a more determined and can do leadership.

We shall embark on a vigorous campaign, visit every hamlet and make sure the government is replaced in the 2016 general elections.
The PPP has never been a ‘Konongo Kaya” party; we are not players of the “pull – him – down” syndrome. We have always prayed for the NDC government led by HIS EXCELLENCY John Dramani Mahama to succeed in his efforts to govern and make this country a better place.

It is absolutely inexcusable for the NDC to fail, considering the enormous resources bequeathed us by the Creator and the untapped opportunities available in this country. We believe that if the NDC fails, all Ghanaians have failed. Our time would have gone wasted as a people and the future of our unborn generations will continuously be rendered bleak.

But clearly, as they have demonstrated in the past and continue to do, the signs indicate that the current administration which is supposed to be a social democratic party has completely deviated from their core responsibility of improving the lives of Ghanaians. Nothing seems to be working in Ghana and nobody in government is prepared to give reasons and show the way.

The sad thing about this NDC government is that they do not simply have a handle on what PRIORITIES mean. The wastage of our exiguous resources is becoming achingly nauseating. Look, the NDC prefers to give the tax payers’ money to apparatchiks for no work done over paying the salaries or allowances of deserving Teachers and Doctors; the NDC takes delight in investing in phony non-existing projects in the North, yet the people in whose name the projects have been outlined, do not see those projects; the NDC prefers the appointment of incompetent so-called foot-soldiers as Ministers and DCEs over All inclusive government, giving room for competent individuals to come on board; a President that preaches the patronage of made-in-Ghana goods, yet fancies the gratification of a place called Dubai for a simple vacation; a government that gives tax wavers and incentives to foreign corporations at the expense of our grappling local industries; . . . . Etc, etc.

These signs incontrovertibly suggest to all of us that the NDC is trekking on the path of failure and we cannot as a people allow these things to continue happening.

The PPP is wide awake and readily available to give every support to the NDC government in order for it to succeed. We shall not relent on our efforts to continue to offer the NDC government pragmatic solutions to tackle the rather alarming impoverishment of Ghanaians.

We deserve nothing but a leadership that abhors mediocrity and reward Ghanaian excellence.

Divine Nkrumah
National Youth Cordinator
Progressive People’s Party