NDC Group Calls On President Mahama To Retract Tribal Remarks

A group calling itself the Young Democrats of Ghana, and describing itself as a pro pressure group of the ruling National Democratic Congress party have collectively called on President John Dramani Mahama to retract the comments he made in Kumasi about Ashantis and apologise to the people of Asanteman.

Speaking to the Ghanaian Palaver, the secretary of Young Democrats, Nana Esi Yamson said, “It is unfortunate that the President could make such remarks in the second largest city of Ghana. He should have known where he was and that you do not have to say everything even if that is what you are thinking.”

Nana Esi, who is also a businesswoman in Swedru, agreed that the President Mahama’s comments could cost the NDC significant votes in the next general elections. She said “the government have already made life difficult for Ghanaians by certain policies and directives they have issued. People are watching and are already fed up with the NDC. Then instead of empathizing with the people you describe them as unappreciative of your efforts, which in fact, cannot be seen by anyone else except by your eyes only.”

Responding to those who came to the defense of President Mahama including Stan Dogbe, who insisted that the media was “twisting” President Mahama’s speech, Nana Esi said “we all know what he said because he said what he said in public. I have seen my good friend Stan Dogbe trying to defend Mahama but if you look at his post on Facebook carefully, you will notice that he actually admits that President Mahama made those remarks.”

Stan Dogbe, who criticized journalism in Ghana through a post on Facebook on 6th May 2014, posted President Mahama’s remarks verbatim, which in part stated, “even if we cover all the ground with gold, here in Kumasi, they will not appreciate it.”

Nana Esi admitted that this was not the first time President Mahama had made public remarks of a tribal nature and that he was gradually earning the name “tribalist leader” without much help from the opposition. She recalled that during the campaign leading up to the 2012 elections, President Mahama called on Northerners to vote for him because he was from the North. “These sort of comments are not healthy for our democracy and the earlier he realizes that he is the president of country with different tribes, the better it will be for him, the NDC and the country as a whole” Nana Esi lamented.

She said unlike the immature pro NPP groups, who air their misgivings about leadership in public, the Young Democrats of Ghana had written to President Mahama privately to withdraw the comments he made to the people in Kumasi and apologise unreservedly to the people of Ghana for the tribal comments he made. She refused to share a copy of the said letter with the Ghanaian Palaver.

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