My Partner Doesn’t Want To Sleep With Me Since My Accident. Please Help! [Advice Needed]

A young woman who suffers aftermath of a serious injury is determined to rekindle her relationship with a man she loves. 


I am a really desperate young girl of 24 years. Several years ago, I was involved in an accident which caused severe burns in my lower abdomen and groin area. As a result, my s*x organs were damaged.

I’ve been in a relationship with a man I love very much. I am still undergoing treatment. I’m in so much pain, constantly depressed and nervous, there’s a constant fear of infection. He’s been really supportive, caring and understanding. But I feel we’re more like a brother and sister now, our relationship is very platonic. We haven’t had s*x almost in two years, first because of medical precautions, then because of my pains and insecurities. 

Despite my current mental and physical state, I’d like to reawaken our s*xual life. How do I get him interested, ladies and gents? Have any of you ever tried to save your relationship by reigniting that tiny flame? HELP! Maybe that’ll cure my depression, at least.