Masara N’arziki Kicks Off The 2014 Season By Introducing Cotton And Soybean Crops

The Masara N’Arziki Farmers Association was founded in 2009 in the 3 Northern Regions to support their member farmers with quality inputs on credit, training and a ready and guaranteed market for their produce at the beginning of the season. The Association is directed by a board of directors who are elected among ánd by the farmer members themselves.

Over the past 5 years, Masara has proven itself in successfully providing high quality inputs on credit, training and market support to its members with a record production this last season of over 100,000 MT of maize alone and repayment percentages on credit of over 95%. Yields and incomes of smallholders have increase with over 400% annually. For the coming season a record registration is expected to hit 18,000 farmers in 2014.

Because many farmers are already individually involved in the production of different crops each year, it is an obvious next step for Masara N’Arziki to offer the same service for other crops than only maize.

Currently, many small scale farmers suffer from depleted soils, erosion and desertification alongside deforestation ass well. This dramatically impacts negatively on their yields and the farmers lives. Therefore the integration of different crops in crop rotation combined with conservation farming techniques to preserve and improve soils and sustainable agriculture, will strengthen the position of the farmers and improve their livelihoods.

This much-needed support to smallholder farmers will be a great boost in the development of the agricultural sector of Ghana, as it is the backbone of the country’s economy and a guarantee for food security.

In liaison with the Ghana Cotton Farmers Association, Masara N’Arziki Farmers Association is commencing this strategy as soon as this very 2014 season which has indeed begun. All farmers that are or become members of the Masara N’Arziki Farmers Association in the 3 northern regions, can now rely on their Association to provide them with the much needed support for both Cotton and Soybean production as well as maize.

Masara N’Arziki has all the extension knowhow and experience, shared with its sister organisation Wienco Cotton Ghana Ltd., available to support the production of Soybeans and Cotton next to the maize production, and therefore is ready to supply its member farmers with the inputs and technical support.

Although some may be afraid that this diversification by Masara N’Arziki will lead to a lack of attention to the cotton production, the focus of our Association is the welfare of its members, all members. Ghana is struggling with depleting soils, therefore farmers will get the benefits of getting support for different crops which are complementary for establishing high and sustainable production when grown one after the other on the same fields.

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