‘Invest in agric sector in Africa’

The Vice-President of the Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists of Turkiye (TUSKON), Mr Ahmet Ciger, has charged Turkish investors to invest in the agricultural sector in Africa.

He said about 40 per cent of the world’s unused arable land could be found on the African continent.

Mr Ciger, who was addressing the opening session of an international business summit in Izmir, Turkey, therefore, challenged Turkish investors, especially those in the agricultural sector, to exchange ideas with their African counterparts on how to transfer modern agricultural technology to those lands.

The summ it
The summit, which is organised by TUSKON, is being attended by representatives from Turkey, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Niger.

Dubbed the “Turkiye-Midwest Africa Trade Bridge Summit”, it is a specialised international business summit which has brought together those in the agricultural, textile, construction, furniture, food and cosmetics industry.

Mr Ciger pointed out that the Turkish business community needed to take greater interest in Africa “because of the huge investment opportunities it offers.”

Touching on education, he said the establishment of Turkish schools in Africa would not only help in bridging the language barrier but also establishing permanent friendship based on respect and human value.

Official opening
Opening the summit earlier, the President of TUSKON, Mr Rizanur Meral, had said the West African sub-region was a potential market for Turkish investors.

He said with vast natural resources, West Africa was fast becoming an investment destination for the Turkish business community.

Mr Meral, who said it was a privilege to host such a professional event with the midwest African business community, was hopeful of a fruitful and successful bilateral business session after the opening ceremony.

Business session
He later officially cut the tape for the commencement of the  bilateral business meeting session and the exhibition which was mounted by about 30 Turkish exporters.

He  joined the Ethiopian Minister of Industry, Mr Ahmed Aberedw, and his entourage to inspect the exhibition.

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