Cultists Strike Again, Kill 3 Vigilante Members

According to PM News, three members of a Vigilante Group of Nigeria, VGN, have been killed by the Neo-Black Movement cultists in Magbon, Badagry, Lagos State.

Cultists Strike Again, Kill 3 Vigilante MembersCultists Strike Again, Kill 3 Vigilante Members

The dead VGN members: Mr. Segun Osha (left) and Mr. Tunde Jacob (right)

The dead VGN members included  Mr. Segun Osha, Joel Ajose and Mr. Tunde Jacob, who was the son Chairman of Odua People’s Congress, OPC, in Magbon area of Badagry.

It was learnt that the reprisal was preceded by an earlier incident in April. The unidetified members of Black Axe invaded an Okada – commercial motorcycles park – to kill a man but was stopped by Joel Ajose.

Moreover, a young man managed to arrest one of the cultists named Kenneth and handed him over to the Morogbo Police Station. After Keneth escaped to freedom he decided to take revenge and gathered a group of the associates to kill Jacob, Ajose and Osha.

Presntly the case is under investigation while the police officers are searching for the eloped suspect, Kenneth, who is said to have fled to Warri, Delta State, southsouth Nigeria. Also the two commercial motorcyclists’ Chairmen of Magbon Units was invited for interrogation.

The Neo-Black Movement of Africa also called Black Axe emerged from the University of Benin in Edo State.

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