Bolt demands the return of signed running shoes worth £20,000 that were stolen in Croydon

When Usain Bolt discovered a signed pair of his running shoes worth £20,000 had been stolen in London, the sprint sensation wasted no time in calling out the thief.

The Olympic champion was made aware of the theft and tweeted: ‘I know u love me but please why u had to go stealing that signed Usain Bolt spikes in Croydon, England..I know u going to return it. Right?

‘All you had to do was just ask me for one. No need to go stealing the things. Come on now.’

Bolt then posted a picture which showed him signing another pair of shoes and added: ‘Only natural I sign [sic] sum spikes after one of my overly excited [sic] fan stole that one..FedEx straight to London later.’

The orange Puma shoes were framed with a photo of the Jamaican superstar. Scotland Yard said the items were taken from an industrial site between April 26-28.

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