Religious Leaders Must Stop Politicians From Stealing – Nkrumah Charges

In every society, religious leaders are regarded as role models one could look up to live an exemplary life. But under the very nose of our religious leaders, certain politicians disregard their teachings and amass wealth for themselves through stealing.

This alarming situation puts Divine Nkrumah; a member of the Progressive People’s Party in a restless state and makes him wonder if our Imams and Clergy have failed to check politicians.

In an interview with, the PPP scribe pontificated that “all the bad and corrupt politicians stealing our monies either attend Church, Mosque or Shrines but most of them are not living the virtuous life expected of them”.

He continued that religious leaders have failed in their responsibility to indoctrinate politicians to be pious.

Divine Nkrumah noted that some of the country’s religious leaders do not have the courage to face bad politicians and expose them of their wrong doings.

Taking a direct swipe at President Mahama in his concluding remarks, Mr. Nkrumah commented that “how many of them have been bold enough to say to Mahama that he is destroying the nation by his actions and inactions; corruption and thievery under his watch(GYEEDA, SADA, SUBAH)”.