Father Poisons Sick Baby Because He Doesn’t Have Money For Medicines

Photo: Man jailed for killing his own babyMan accused of killing his 9-month-old son has been sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment, Vanguard reports.

Bauchi State High Court Number 10 found Shitu Adamu guilty of administering a chemical herbicide to the baby that died instantly.

The father of two had earlier confessed to the crime and narrated how it happened.

He said his wife took their sick baby to the hospital. After the doctor had prescribed medicines, the man lamented that he had no money at that time.

Thus he administered herbicide thinking that it will help to cure the baby.

Providing evidence, his wife Lantana Shitu, who was not at the scene at the moment of the incident, said she went to bring water from the pond and upon returning she already saw the child vomit and quickly die.

“I did not know what happened until three days later when our village head called my husband concerning the issue and he confessed that he was the one that poisoned his son with herbicide.”

Having taken into consideration the convict’s plea for leniency and the fact that it was his first offence, the Justice sentenced him to 6 years in jail, starting from June 24, 2013 (the day of arrest).

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