NPP Communicators Feed On Wee & Cocaine…?

Deputy General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress has debunked claims that he accused Communication team members of the opposition New Patriotic Party of indulging in the habit of smoking marijuana before joining in studio discussions.

Speaking on Peace FM‘s flagship programme “Kokrokoo“, Mr. Kofi Adams held strongly that the allegations were fabricated to dent his political image.

A tape recording which purportedly captures the words of Kofi Adams saying some NPP Communicators smoke marijuana and sniff “cocaine” before they contribute to discussions on national issues is the latest voice-recording to hit the media landscape.

On the said tape, he is allegedly heard claiming that NPP Communicators fail to “speak wisely” if not stimulated by the drugs.

“If the NPP people go and sit at their headquarters and they distribute “wee” or “cocaine” to them to inhale, then they should speak wisely whenever they come on air. They should speak wisely.

“They smoked ‘wee’ and sniffed cocaine at their headquarters. They distribute ‘wee’ and cocaine to them…The fact that they smoke “wee” and sniff “cocaine” does not mean they should talk by heart. I am telling you that what they’re saying; it is only someone who has taken ‘weed’ or someone who has sniffed cocaine who will speak that way,” the alleged voice of Kofi Adams indicated.

But addressing the issue, he told host Kwami Sefa Kayi that he was riled by the incessant pestering by a certain media practitioner who wanted him to provide answer to an issue in a certain manner.

According to him, he flared up during the interview after he was continuously pressed by the radio host to clarify the allegations.

Kofi Adams explained that he was accused by the journalist to have distributed laptops, Ipads and five hundred cedis to NDC Communicators during a forum he chaired in the Central Region.

Though, to him, he had earlier refuted such rumours on the airwaves, the radio host insisted that Kofi Adams should clear up the incident which incensed him greatly. He disclosed he only sought for the motives of presenter who interviewed him since he believed it was purely orchestrated to ensnare him.

“Why can’t they accept what I said, but insist on something which is far from the truth?..I didn’t say NPP people…In the morning, they brought this matter up. We have responded, then in the afternoon, they raise again; continuing with the repetition of the same information. And I said as a Communicator, you go to the headquarters to be briefed….It tells you now the agenda that they have…When people choose that in the morning, afternoon and evening, they will peddle lies about certain people on the airwaves; there could be two-three possible reasons that will let the person do something like that. Either the person is not qualified to sit on the programme, he cannot contribute to the discussions on the table or he must be demented!…People may feel offended about my comment; I apologize to listeners who feel offended,” Kofi Adams said.