MCE Incurs Prez Mahama’s Wrath

The Municipal Chief Executive of Obuasi, Kwasi Fori Agyemang Boadi also known as King Zuba has incurred the wrath of the president HE John Dramani Mahama for assaulting Mr. Thomas Kwabena Braimah, one of the silent financiers of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The unfortunate situation incidentally happened at the Residency of the Ashanti regional Minister while the minister was in a meeting with the Kumasi Mayor Kojo Bonsu and the president in his hall.

Many party faithful and journalists who happened to be around the residency of the minster feared this unruly behavior of the MCE could lead to the termination of his appointment by the president.

What made things worse was when the MCE after assaulting Mr. Braimah also verbally assaulted the Regional Minister and the president daring anybody who could, to sack him.

“Go and tell whoever is bringing you to contest that I have insulted you, nobody can sack me, I will say it again and again”, the young MCE whom many described as very fortunate because of his appointment shouted arrogantly.

The situation was so embarrassing that not even members of the president’s security detail that stood at the door of the hall could stop him after several beckoning had failed.

Surrounded by his macho men, Mr. Agyemang Boadi continued his verbal assault on Mr. Braimah and ordered his macho men to beat the latter and some aides who were with him but for the timely intervention of some party men who stopped them.

Deep throat sources at the Residency reveled to Today that the president who was immediately briefed about the development by some security officials was not the least enthused and promised to deal with the young MCE as soon as he gets back to Accra.

“So I will not be surprised if the president terminates Zuba’s appointment because his behavior that night was very very bad and embarrassing to the party”, he stated.

Comparing his attitude to that of the sacked Mankranso DCE, popularly known as Tweaa DCE, our source said Mr. Boadi’s behaviour that night was even worse and would be sacked by all means.

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