Lack Of Accommodation Hampers NCCE Work

Lack of accommodation is making it difficult for the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) to carry out its mandate effectively.

The Ashanti Regional Director of NCCE, Mr Alhassan Yakubu, said many of its district offices were operating from rented premises and continued to be inundated with ejection orders over unpaid rent.

He said the structures housing some of the offices were in bad shape.
“This is not only a threat to the safety of official documents, but also the safety and security of the workers,” he said.

Mr Yakubu was speaking at a meeting with journalists in Kumasi to share with them the operational challenges of the NCCE.

The other problem concerns transport, because Mr Yakubu said “just four of the 33 offices in the region have vehicles that are strong and dependable.”

He said those problems had combined to make things difficult for them, and made an urgent appeal to the metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies to help it deal with the situation.

In spite of the serious limitations, the NCCE had been able to promote discipline in the society and helped people to have a better understanding of their civic responsibilities.