HIJACKED SCHOOL BUS IN ABUJA: Parents Take Kids From School In Fear Of Another Attack In Nyanya

As it was just reported, both Abbe Maria School and Vine Kiddies Academy confirmed that the rumors regarding several gunman hijacking a school bus on Tuesday morning, in Nyanya Is FAKE.

Local citizens however still insist that kids were kidnapped.

The bus was supposedly hijacked when it was just going to drop off students at the school premises in the beginning of a school day. Meanhwile, authorities of both schools supposedly reported that the news that was spread in twitter rapidly is fake, as all the students are safe in class. Still, the authorities are reportedly claiming that a single bus has been hijacked this morning in Nyanya, with no students inside.

According to SaharaReporters, the unknown gunmen have attacked the Vine Academy this morning, before 8 a.m. No one was hurt, still the gunmen snatched the school bus. One of the school officials said that “We do not know if they are members of Boko Haram or if they are robbers.”

Still, the officials are not ready to say whether the gunmen were Boko Haram or not. Parents of kids are rushed to take them home from school.

*parents rushed to take kids home

According to Premiumtimes, the academy was empty by 10.15 a.m. School authorities tried to calm the parents down, while they started the panic and more and more of them rushed to take their kids home. The first parent that supposedly started the panic was arrested by police that arrived to the scene.

The Authority of Nigerian Television claims that no kids were kidnapped from the Abbe Maria School in Nyanya.

The bus according to one source, belongs to the Vine Kiddies Academy, while the other source claims the bus was taking students to the Abbe Maria school. The third source claims there have been two different attacks, one hijacked an empty bus after the children have disembarked, while the other was hijacked while the girls were still inside. 

Twitter users began spreading the word, some saying this is true, while others claiming there were no girls in the bus.

 Another users claim that the bus was empty.

News source, ynaija2015 claims that one of the local students told their reporter that they all have been asked to go home from school for their safety.

Right now, some of the citizens of Nyanya are still claiming that the girls have been kidnapped,

*military presence in the area

 Meanwhile the officials state that:

More details will follow.

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