Chibok Girls Search: Nigeria Deploys Two Special Battalions

Photo: Doying Okupe says two special battalions have been deployed to find the girlsPresidential aide Doyin Okupe has revealed in the interview to CNN that two special battalions were deployed to find the girls abducted in Chibok, Borno State.

This comes amid the accusations by the victims’ parents and Nigerians that the authorities are not doing enough to rescue the children.

Okupe also added that “250 aerial sortees with helicopters and fighter jets” scanned the forests, which gave no results. 

More than 200 school girls were abducted in the April 14 night raid on Chibok, Borno State. Boko Haram sect leader Abubakar Shekau yesterday released the video in which he claimed responsibility for the kidnap and promised to sell the victims in the market.

Meanwhile the tragedy has caused international rage and concern, with many countries suggesting their help in the search process.

USA has reportedly offered assistance, which was immediately accepted by President Goodluck Jonathan, and soon the American special team is expected to join the operation.

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