Niger Delta Militants Abduct 3 Dutch Nationals On A Humanitarian Mission In Delta (PHOTOS)

Three Dutch nationals were kidnapped, while two Nigerians accompanying the foreigners went missing in Letugbene, a boundary town between Delta and Bayelsa states, on May 4, 2014, Sunday. According to local sources, Niger Delta militants may be behind this crime.

The incident happened around 4.30pm when two men and a woman left the palace of HRM King Joel Ibane (Ogiobo IX), the traditional ruler of Iduwuni Kingdom.

Niger Delta Militants Abduct 3 Dutch Nationals

* Kidnapped foreigners

The group of foreigners have visited the area with a humanitarian mission.

The gunmen have reportedly appeared in a Passport 19 speed boat at the community jetty, shooting sporadically with their Kalashnikov (AK-47) rifles. They robbed the foreigners and the witnesses of their belongings which included laptops, iPads, phones, cameras and etc., before abducting the trio.

“Some persons in the second boat, including community leaders from Dodo River, jumped into the river following the heavy shooting. We learnt some of them are missing including the Dutch based-Nigerians who came with the foreigners,” a journalist, who survived the attack, narrated.

It would be noted that the risk of being kidnapped during a visit to Goodluck Jonathan’s home-state is one of the highest in Nigeria.

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