Kufuor And Merchant Bank, NPP Playing The Ostrich?

As a party we must learn to separate the office of the former president and that of the institutional structure of the party. President Kuffour is the former president and a statesman, he belongs to Ghana not only the NPP, his actions and decision should juxtapose his national stature, it must reflect and exacerbate national unity and cohesion.

I believe he attended the merchant bank event as the former president not as the leader of the NPP.

In our exuberance we have ignored simple ethical norms of respect for our elder statesmen, and often times we are quick to unleash vitriolic attacks on those that deserve our greatest respect. Almost every leader/elder of the party has had a fair share of the pudding.

We flaunt around despicable insults and disrespect with blatant pride and goulash megalomania, compelling the dissenting voices to shelve the enormous wealth of experience that could guide us to victory.

If this conduct could win the NPP power then we should have been in the Jubilee house now with those that specialize in attacks fronting government communications.

I have observed with grieve the needless ensuing debate and attacks as to whether H.E president Kuffour should have attended the Merchant bank renaming or not.

In my candid opinion the debate should be weather it was ethical for a senior statesman like President Kuffour to attend a state function at the invitation of the president, and weather the NPP still regards the fortiz-merchant deal as illegal. As a party we disagreed with the deal but the law of the land asserted it as legitimate.

The NPP is a firm believer in the rule of law and an ardent advocate for respect of legal and democratic tenets, if that is the case the party must lay to rest the banter on Merchant bank sale, since a competent court of jurisdiction ruled and reasserted the legality of the transaction.

Secondly we must respect the simple fact that the former president as an elder statesman is morally obliged to seek the general interest of Ghana, and do that which is expedient.

If the commentators and leaders of the party could just redirect these vicious attacks and blatant disrespect for the former president into more reconciliatory and respectful gestures, then we will have the moral right to question the actions or seeming in-actions of the former president.

Since the NPP lost power in 2008, it has remained the deliberate maneuver of certain individuals to vilify the former president Kuffour at any given opportunity, showing gross disregard for arguably the most successful politician within the NPP. We act as though he was irrelevant to us yet we hypocritically turn around to chastise him and make unsavory remarks when he acts expediently as a statesman. We must recognize that not every ethical action from the statesman might be politically apt.

Whiles I recognize Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo as my president within my inner of hearts, we are compelled by law and the ruling of the Supreme Court to respect Mahama as the president of the republic of Ghana.

By inference if attending the Merchant bank rebranding, is wrong then respecting Mahama and the NDC government is equally wrong, and the NPP must act as such since Mahama is a disputed president within our ranks.
I posit, if President Mahama invites the chairman and leadership of the NPP to the Jubilee house will we renege because we disputed the elections?

The irony remains that, while we act as though he [Kuffour] is of no essence to us, we turn around to insinuate he is the creator of our political woes.
The incessant attacks on the former president smacks of grave resentment, and a deliberate attempt by some members to sidestep the true challenges of our party, while they insincerely shift the blame around. As a family we must learn to be objective, realistic and truthful with the actual problems of the NPP.

The first step towards power as a party, is a candid and critical retrospect of our actions and in-actions the made victory elude us twice, this sincere reflection and interrogation will cause as to re-identify ourselves as kukrudites and reposition for victory in 2016.

The hard truth remains that, many of us have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing. Most disappoint is the fact that those that should know better are at the very center of our predicaments constantly ensuring that the fracas from 2008 are further aggravated

As a party, we must be united by the superior objective of victory, and the culture that bond us together; we must triumph over self-inflicted anguish and move on to put the great NPP back to power. Let us recognize our primary goal of capturing power as a prerequisite to promulgating our broader agenda of creating welfarism and and economically sound country for the people of Ghana.

We must show to Ghanaians we are ready to govern by eschewing triviality and pettiness, we must abscond from our cloak of hypocrisy.
Let us confront our real challenges as a party and that is our collective attitude. The NPP is the best family we could ever belong; let’s focus on the things that matter to make our home habitable.