HEARTBREAKING: Mothers Of Abducted Girls Reveal Their Pain In The First Interview

First interview with mothers of abducted Chibok girls given to BBC.

The first mother reveals what it was like. Since that day it has been particularly difficult for parents of girls, as a lot of people come to see them and sympathize. But then at night it becomes even more difficult as they start thinking about their daughters and other girls about where they are being held and what happened with them.

The other mother goes on with the story saying that when her daughter left for school, she said that she would be back home soon. The mother gave her money for the bus and they said goodbye. She promised to help her mother with selling goods on the street.

They hardly sleep, eat,suffer from high blood pressure.

Over 200 young girls were abducted from their school in Borno by Boko Haram militants three weeks ago. 

The President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan admitted that the security forces are not aware of where the girls are being kept. 

About an hour ago the Boko Haram leader took the responsibility for abducting the girls and stated he was going to sell them. 

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