CHIBOK ABDUCTION: Ex-Army Captain On How Boko Haram Can Be Caught In Sambisa Forest

photo - Ex-Army Captain On How Boko Haram Can Be Caught In Sambisa Forest

Ex-Nigerian army officer, Captain Aliyu Umar, has closely studied the role of Sambisa forest in Maiduguri, Borno State, in Boko Haram terrorism activities.

Captain Umar appeared in Channels TV morning program to discuss the case of hundreds of girls abducted by the insurgents from Chibok town school, Borno State.

Although he refused to share any significant details so as not to alert the terrorists, he said there must be a source of water in the infamous Sambisa forest, which, he said, is like an oasis for the inurgents. To survive, Captain Umar stressed, Boko Haram terrorists need water which they cannot obtain from raiding villages. Therefore, he said, if Nigerian security agencies discovered the water within the forest, it could lead them to the insurgents’ camp.

He also shed some insights on why the terrorists might have abducted the schoolgirls. Apart from the popular theory of the girls being “wives,” or “maids” in the camp who tend to the insurgents’ various needs, they also might be used for gaining publicity and serving as “human shields” in case Nigerian military raid the terrorist camp.

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