BIA Blames State Of Economy On Finance Ministry

The Bureau for Internal Affairs (BIA), an anti-corruption organisation and centre for information gathering on public concerns, has blamed the economic woes of Ghanaians on the Finance Ministry.

The Bureau is calling on appointees at the Ministry to be very much concern about the call to duty by exerting all their energies and potentials in solving the current economic challenges, which is making the government unpopular.

BIA therefore welcomes the call by Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, former Minister of Education, that Ghanaians should support the President to deliver.

A statement issued by Ms Cynthia Essandoh, BIA Coordinator, in Accra on Friday, noted that although government appointees are in office in the interest of the people most of them have failed, because they promote their personal interest.

The BIA is advocating proper deliberation on how to revamp the economy as things are getting worse by the day with cost of living soaring higher.

The statement also suggested the need for good communication link between the Finance Ministry and the people so that information on the economy would circulate widely.

It said the unapproachable attitude of some government appointees make it extremely difficult for the citizenry to get critical information from them on key national issues.

This, the statement said, is leading to wild speculations and sometimes blatant lies about the economy.

“Government must therefore bridge the information barrier so that Ghanaians will know the true image of the economy and contribute their quota to fix it,” the statement said.

BIA is also appealing to all government officials to make it a habit to keep close contact with people in the grassroots to ensure information flow.

“BIA believes that reshuffle of Cabinet Ministers is the answer to regain the confidence of the people in efforts to put the economy back on its wheels.