VEEP Amissah-Arther’s Wife Championing Social Values in Ghana

On a scale of balance, the for the past two and half years as the wife of the Vice President, Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur,a professional librarian herself, and former President of the Association, is at the forefront by helping to advance social values in Ghana.

She has “told the library story and created some awareness in library use and helped revived the reading culture in the country.” Before she even became the Second Lady, a lot of first engendered achievements have been recorded.

The most remarkable of all these achievements is no doubt the realization that the Wife of the Second Gentleman observes that current trends require entirely new and well improved ways of running libraries dealing with information provision. This is because information is now a commodity.

Her open door policy in running the office of the Second Lady of Ghana has helped to create a good bound between her and the women. Effective and efficient channel of communication between her office and Ghanaian women is another factor that has endeared the Second Lady to women and children in the country.

She is a woman who has got strength, vision and foresight. She is highly innovative and does not slack in pursuing her mission in fulfilling her set goals. She is a very good example of the woman in Proverbs 31:10-30.
As I continue to monitor her activities, Mrs. Amissah-Arthur has continuously called on Ghanaians to work towards creating a culture of caring and commitment to education by reading because a reading nation is an informed nation. And an informed nation is a powerful nation. That is what she believes in.

Mrs. Matilda Amissah Arthur has continuously charged librarians in the country to add value to themselves by embracing the task of keeping up with new trends in the information sourcing industry and the changing face of library services in the country.

She believes that Ghanaians cannot afford to be ignorant in a technologically advanced world. She says Ghanaians have to renew their commitment to a building a Better Ghana, where all will have to advance in all spheres of social, economic, political and scientific fields.

A Better Ghana where every one’s right is not only guaranteed by the government but by the citizens themselves.

The Wife of the Vice President is generous in giving. Being a caregiver in the area of heath care in the country, Mrs Amissah-Arthur is calling on Ghanaians to show love other people as they love themselves.

She has done some work with HIV patients in Koforidua and has for time visited and donated to the various hospitals in the country. Some of these are the Cape Coast hospital, Sogakope Hospital, Eikwe Catholic Hospital, Taifa Polyclinic, Newtown Health Centre in the Ellembelle and Jomoro Districts of the Western Region.

Others are the Kinder Paradise-Orphanage, BASICS international in Chokor. She has also inaugurated an Information and Communication Technology and Teachers Resource Centre for the people of Lower Bobikuma in the Central Region,

The Second Lady, recently inaugurated a 30-million dollar computer laboratory for PLAY Soccer Ghana, a FIFA project based in Cape Coast uses football and ICT to prepare children under nine years for football and leadership purposes, because ICT was now being used to teach many subjects in schools.

Visited and donated to the Weija Leprosarium where she joined the Lepers Aid Committee chaired by Very Rev. Fr Andrew Campbell to mark World Leprosy Day with the inmates.
She believes in advancing equitable health social health protection to achieve universal health coverage in Ghana together with the helping hand that Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur, has offered to religious and educational institutions in the country cannot be measured.

Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur, recently, launched the Western Regional Queens Association in Sekondi, a cause which she championed with the queen mothers in the region is now a reality

On May Day this year the Second Lady graced the Accra Diocese of the Methodist Church of Ghana, 53rd annual synod at the Macedonia Methodist Chapel, Kwashieman Circuit, on the theme “Teaching for effective Christian Formation – A classical Methodist Heritage”.With a call to members of the Methodist church, and all Christians to exhibit Godly attributes that can positively impact the lives of other people, the society and the nation, at large.
The Second Lady, on the same day also visited a workshop by women in the weaving industry with support the India Africa Craft Design Initiative at their training site at the Ghana Trade Fair Centre in Accra, where the India government is helping women in basket weaving to develop and improve their skills.