Mr. President, We Need You To Lead Us Out Of Poverty

“We need you to lead us from poverty to prosperity. The economy is not working for majority of Ghanaians. What we need is good leadership and we workers will also do our part” said the Secretary-General of the Trades Union Congress (TUC), Mr. Kofi Asamoah.

Hundreds of workers on Thursday, May 1, gathered at the Black Star Square to mark this year’s May Day celebrations.

This year’s commemoration was on the theme: “Ghana’s economy; A concern for all” saw workers from various institutions parading at the Black Star Square and wielding placards with various inscriptions.

Addressing workers at the Square, Mr Asamoah mentioned that “the economy is not in its best form; those of us in organized labour have said that the economy has been seriously weakened and falling” and so President John Dramani Mahama must lead in taking the country out of poverty.

“Your Excellency, times are hard. The prognosis on the economy is not good either but we must at this point resist the temptation to seek IMF bailout. As we have stated, it is the IMF-sponsored policies that have brought us almost to the brink. No country has developed following to the advice of the IMF. Resorting to the IMF for financial support was a mistake we made in the past. We must take responsibility of this mistake and find solution to our problem” he said.

Mr. Kofi Asamoah also bemoaned government communicators attitude of bashing institutions and individuals who give suggestions to help government put the economy back on track.

According to him, those suggestions and criticisms must be seriously considered instead of being welcomed with insults from government and its communication machinery.

“It will not be helpful when government communicators descend on institutions that express their views and offer suggestions to the development of the country. We cannot expect people to do their bid for mother Ghana when their views are treated with contempt” he added.